There are lots of documents that we send clients to complete.  Here are the most common:

Description File Links
Annual Business Checklist CA: docx  pdf
US: docx  pdf
Annual Personal Checklist CA: docx  pdf
Business Use of Home/Home Office docx  pdf
Motor Vehicle Expenses docx  pdf
Mileage Log Book xlxs
New Employee Checklist CA: docx  pdf
AU: docx  pdf
Employee Termination Checklist CA: docx  pdf
Expense Reimbursement CA: xlsx
US: xlsx
Fuel Accounting PAD Form CA: pdf

We prefer that you use the docx (Microsoft Word) or xlsx (Microsoft Excel) formats for easy editing.  Please complete the forms on your computer, save them, and email them to us.  We have provided PDF versions of many forms for easy printing and completing by hand (should you need to go old-school).

Please note the different country versions of some of the forms.  Please ensure you choose the correct country as forms have been tailored for each country.