How To Hit The Economy Head-On And Win

How To Hit The Economy Head-On And Win

the economy continues to struggle, now is NOT the time to panic. In fact, if you follow our proven strategies, you can use the recession in your favour and capitalise on the   weaknesses of your competitors.  What may surprise you is that numerous studies...

Recent Changes

Vehicle licensing On 1 July 2015 the ACC vehicle licensing levy is being reduced. The cost of relicensing most vehicles will drop by around $130 a year. If you need to renew your vehicle’s registration before then, you can save money by renewing your...
Record Keeping 101

Record Keeping 101

We often get asked about what records you should keep, in what format, and how long you should keep them for.  So here’s a quick guide to record keeping for your business. What to Keep It is probably better to ask “what should I throw away?”  The short...

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