When Should You Call Your Accountant

Most people in business avoid calling their accountant. It’s a bit like going to the Dentist – you don’t know what they’re going to say but you presume that it’s not what you want to hear and you always get a big bill for the privilege. However, like going to the...

When an invoice is not a Tax Invoice

I find it frustrating when I buy something for business and get given a receipt or till docket and find that it is not a valid tax invoice.  It’s amazing how many businesses issue invoices that aren’t valid tax invoices for GST purposes.  So, having the...

Getting Ready for your Year-End Accounts

Last month I wrote about things that you should do BEFORE 31 March that could save you time or tax.  This month I will highlight things that you should be doing now to make the process of creating your year-end accounts easier. Value your Inventory Last month I...

What Do You Need RIGHT NOW?

I Need A Kick-Ass Accountant

I Need A Profit Coach

I Need Help With XERO

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